YarnCraft Episode 05 :: Men Who Knit & Crochet

11 Dec

Please note: Due to technical issues, this episode is no longer available.

Krochet KidsIn our last episode of 2007, we focus on men who knit and crochet. We interview animator and crocheter Aaron Duffy, Krochet Kids International’s Ryan Motley and Travis Hartanov, and Wendy Eidson, producer of the video “Real Men Knit.”

First, Liz and Zontee share a few of their personal “men who knit and crochet” stories, as well as a few about crocheting men at Lion Brand. Jessica then interviews animator and creative crocheter Aaron Duffy, whose animated work (check out the short film “The Special Guest” with its crocheted man!) you can see at SpecialGuest.tv and whose hats you can make for yourself with these patterns. Aaron also talks about his volunteer work, which he found through our Charity Finder.

Next, Jessica talks to Ryan Motley and Travis Hartanov of Krochet Kids International and learns about how a bunch of college guys and crochet are helping to fight poverty in Uganda. (Some of the guys are pictured above.) Learn more about KKI at their website.

Jessica also speaks to Wendy Eidson, creator of the video Real Men Knit. The trailer for the DVD has been a YouTube hit; see it here. You can also purchase the DVD by clicking here.

Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life–Liz and Zontee are joined by Aaron Duffy, and the three of them share tips for yarncrafting on the go.

To leave your comments and thoughts, post a message on the blog, email to yarncraft [at] lionbrand [dot] com! We may even feature you in an upcoming episode! For our next episode, leave a comment about your yarncrafting resolutions.

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Theme music is “Boy with a Coin” by Iron and Wine, from the PodSafe Music Network.

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Show Notes:
00:10 Intro and welcome
01:35 Liz and Zontee’s men who knit and crochet stories
06:39 Interview with Aaron Duffy
15:50 Interview with Ryan Motley and Travis Hartanov
29:22 Interview with Wendy Eidson
41:14 Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life–Yarncrafting on the go
47:29 Thanks and preview of next episode

  • Denise Rounds

    Thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. I have a daughter and son-in-law who are headed to southern Sudan fall 2008 to live as missionaries. They already had the opportunity to visit there and they were asked, actually begged to bring back knitting ‘sticks’ and knitting ‘hooks’. My daughter doesn’t knit or crochet but may learn before they return or learn from the residents of southern Sudan. I am a crafter and user of Lion brand yarns. I began a prayer shawl ministry at my church due to your newsletter of Feb. some years ago. I would love to support that effort, the people of southern Sudan are looking for means of cottage industry and yarn crafts would certainly fit that bill nicely. I will share this podcast with my daughter and son-in-law. Perhaps it will inspire them, too. I am encourage to both knit and crochet hats and give them to those who are cold. I’m in Tulsa, OK and we are in the midst of power outage in our state. I’m in our local library to charge my phone and laptop and to catch up on podcasts as I do so. I’m completing a project I knit and am crocheting the edges for my daughter/son-in-law who are expecting a baby the end of this month. (our first grandchild!) It was quite enjoyable to listen to this, be warm, have lights, and feel encouraged and warmed from the inside out. Thank you!

  • http://www.amenphotography.net Annette

    I thought this was a very cool podcast… I normally never get myself to sit down long enough to listen to these, but I thought this subject was very interesting… I always KNEW there were men in the world that knit/crochet (That aren’t strange), but they always seem to be hiding in a closet. The only guy I know that knits/crochets is my cousin, but I’m not sure if he keeps up with it anymore.

    I had to let a few giggles slip while I listened, because I’m delighted when I run into other random women that knit/crochet while I’m out in about… (And they seem to be rather delighted when they see me.) But, I would most likely be ecstatic if I ever saw a man that knits or crochets!

    Thanks for the podcast, I thought it was nifty! I’ll pass it along to my girl friends. :) Oh, and I tip my (crocheted) hat to Krochet Kids. Very cool guys!
    -Annette N.

  • peggy kinsley

    can’t get your video to play!!!! bummer. hope you can work on that. it’s not me…other websites are playing quicktime just fine with my computer. quicktime is fickle though…can you try something else maybe??
    thanks and merry christmas!!!

  • http://www.wisconsinhanggliding.com Rik Bouwmeester

    Super Dad!

    So men knit. What’s the big deal. Men are the ones who started the whole thing. We are just taking back what belongs to us. ;-)

    Yes I knit. I am a 48 year old man. Not weird. Nothing. I also skateboard at the skatepark once a week. I have a black belt in martial arts. I am an avid cyclists and runner. I am an active hang glider pilot. I fly paragliders. I have a pilots license. I like to fish. I snow board, snow ski and water ski. I ride the new razor rip stick. There’s a bit more but you get the picture. And in between I do knit.

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft

    Dear Peggy,

    Our podcasts are audio podcasts and the files are MP3s. If you can’t get the built-in Adobe player on our blog to play the file, there is also a Direct Download link towards the bottom of each post that allows you to download the files onto your computer, so that you can play them with the audio player, including Quicktime, of your choice. Hope that helps! Thanks for checking out our blog!


  • http://www.xanga.com/drj0402 David in San Francisco

    I got my iPod a few years ago and enjoyed listening to podcasts about crochet published by individuals but they were released sporadically and all eventually fizzled out.

    So I think you are definitely filling a need for the wired (and wireless) yarn workers with this podcast.

    I enjoy the variety of regular segments as well as the focus of each episode. I was very moved by the piece about KrochetKids.

    My only nit (no pun intended) are the production values. I hope Lion Brand will understand the value of this communication channel and afford you some quieter space (even a studio) for recording.


    David in San Francisco

  • http://fireflowerknits.wordpress.com Saralyn

    Here are a few ways to keep track of that one live stitch loop while crocheting on the go: The easy way, which I use is to pull the loop out long (2-3″) which helps to keep things from unraveling while the project is in the bag, then when you pick up your work again tighten the free loop back to normal size and continue on as usual. Another way to keep that loop from unraveling would be to stick a twist tie through the loop, twist the twist tie into a 1″ loop, then just remove it (and stash in your bag to reuse) when you want to start working again. You could also use a coilless safety pin or one of those locking ring stitch markers to hold your free loop.

  • Linda Kring

    I love knitting and for the most part am self-taught. My mother and grandmother both are crocheters. I decided I wanted to knit at about 9. It has been a passion ever since. I’ve taught some friends, a daughter, sister-in-law and my mother.

    I remember when I was about 4 my grandmother taught a neighbor to crochet. Even at 4 I thought this was odd because it was a guy. I had never seen a guy do this before. I was impressed with his tallent. After learning the basics he crocheted a bed spread out of that fine thread! It was beautiful and really impressed his teacher, my grandmother. This was the first of many projects Henry crocheted. A statement made on this episode is very true. Guys have no problem jumping right into a complicated project with just the basic skills. This happened many years ago and I still wouldn’t take on that bed spread.

    Love the podcasts, keep them coming.
    Linda in Chattanooga

  • Cindy Upholzer

    Please tell me where I can purchase Lion Brand Magic Stripes. That is my favorite yarn for knitting socks. The LYS in my area do not carry your brand at all and JoAnn Fabric does not stock the Magic Stripes. I did order directly from Lion Brand but the shipping was as much as the yarn. I used to own a Ben Franklin store and I was able to stock this. I live in the Akron/Canton, Ohio area. I listen to the podcasts and do enjoy them, please keep them coming. Cindy Upholzer

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft

    Hi Cindy,

    Unfortunately, since we’ve discontinued Magic Stripes, it will probably be difficult to find stores that still carry it. However, stay tuned in the upcoming months, because we might just have a new sock yarn coming out!

    Thanks for your kind words! Glad you enjoy the podcast!


  • ann

    i learned a great idea from a friend who travelled (lightly) through india. she would take a small crochet hook (1.75-2mm) to make little change purses, bookmarks etc. out of cotton embroidery floss. you could have a rainbow of colors that would fit in a change purse.

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  • Blankie Lady Dot Barr

    My group has delivered over 2,000 Blankies (afghans, quilts,beanies,pillows and toys) to foster kids. I have seen the KKI story and pictures and would love to have the pattern for the crocheted beanie they have taught so many people make. Our kids would love that look and we do mostly the knitted ones on looms. Can you help me??? Dot Barr

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft

    Hi Dot,

    We don’t have the exact beanie pattern that they use, but you can find a very similar crochet pattern here. We do have some great loom knit patterns that you can find by going to LionBrand.com and searching for “loom knit.” A good kid-friendly pattern is the Toboggan hat.

    You can also find other kid-friendly patterns in episode #23 or episode #13 of the podcast. Hope that helps!


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