YarnCraft Episode 06 :: Resolutions & New Beginnings

2 Jan

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It’s our first episode of 2008. We hope you had a wonderful holiday season! In this episode, we focus on resolutions and new beginnings. So get ready to start your yarncrafting year off right!

First, Liz and Zontee talk about their crafting resolutions–find out how Liz is going to avoid a repeat of last year’s three unfinished sweaters. They also share what’s happening in 2008 at Lion Brand, including items in the newest Lion Design catalog, which should be arriving in your mailbox within the next few weeks.

Instructables robot knittingNext Liz interviews Eric Wilhelm and Christy Canida of Instructables, a website with instructions from users like you ranging from crafts to cooking to life-lessons. Find out more out about this new way to learn about techniques and to share your own yarncrafting skills with others.

Enter the Lion Brand Slideshow Challenge at Instructables.com and you could win one of 10 $25 Lion Brand gift certificates. To enter, submit photos of a finished project and tell us how and why you made it. Then, help us judge the contest by voting for your favorite projects. To find out details and official rules, visit the contest page.

Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life–Liz and Zontee share ways to stay organized and on task in the new year (one of their resolutions). Keep on top of your projects (and other to-dos) with online programs like Remember the Milk and Ta-da Lists.

To leave your comments and thoughts, post a message on the blog, email to yarncraft [at] lionbrand [dot] com! We may even feature you in an upcoming episode! Tune in next time, when Vanna White, co-host of Wheel of Fortune and inveterate crocheter, joins us!

Look for YarnCraft on Blubrry.com.

Theme music is “Boy with a Coin” by Iron and Wine, from the PodSafe Music Network.

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Show Notes:
00:11 Intro and welcome
01:23 Liz and Zontee’s new year’s resolutions and what’s new at Lion Brand
06:39 Interview with Eric Wilhelm and Christy Canida of Instructables
24:11 Instructables Contest information
24:50 Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life–Keeping track of your projects
29:21 Thanks and preview of next episode

  • Daddysgirl

    Is it just me or is the sound quality poor on this one? Otherwise, keep up the good work! I can’t wait for the next one!

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft

    Hi there,

    Yes, because this episode featured an impromptu interview with Eric and Christy of Instructables, there’s a lot of New York City street noise. Generally, we try to record in quiet zones, but sometimes we record special content and it can get noisy. Glad you’re enjoying the episodes :-) Join us for a very special episode in two weeks!


  • http://www.mintlatte.com Mintlatte

    Like what I hear so far, disappointed to not hear a mention of Revlery when speaking about organizing projects!!! Wonderful way to digitally track projects…….

  • http://www.mintlatte..com mintlatte

    Um duh. Ravelry. Hate it whn my finger don’t keep up with my brain.

  • http://classypeoplehouse.blogspot.com/ andrea

    I thought this week’s podcast was great. I really enjoyed the interview and the contest. I entered my scarves in the contest. I also wanted to let you know how much I like the format of the podcast. When Jessica, Liz and Zontee share tips and comments at the end of the podcast I feel like I am sitting with a group of knitting friends talking shop. Keep up the good work and I look foward to seeing how things develop in the new year!

  • AnnDee

    Dear YarnCraft,

    I just began to listen to Episode 4 and had to stop and send this comment. Since we’re hearing you, I want to offer some gentle criticism on pronunciation.

    Please pronounce the word THE correctly when it comes before a vowel. Please say “THEE author,” or “THEE end,” not “THUH author,” “THUH end.”

    This might seem like a minor thing, but to me it sounds as awkward as if you were to say “uh apple,” “uh owl,” instead of “an apple,” “an owl.”

    Thanks — now I’m going to listen to The Yarn Harlot!

    AnnDee in Ohio

  • Linda Kring

    I put the new podcast on my iPod last night and listen to it today. I really enjoy them, keep them coming.

    I hear a lot of reference to everyone’s stash. I too have a stash although it isn’t as large as I would like. One thing I’d like to ask… when you are in a yarn shop to pick up some supplies and see a new yarn, if you do not have a particular project in mind but wish to purchase anyway, how much do you buy? I always look at it and wonder, 3 skens, 5, what should I do??

    Linda, from Tennessee

  • Grace

    Great podcast! I’d never heard of Instructables before so I popped over to the site while listening in at home and it’s AWESOME! I’m also intrigued about the knitting machine… I didn’t see any demos of them on Instructables though. Maybe some one might want to submit one (hint*hint*).

    I agree with Daddysgirl…. there was something digitally off with the interview potion of the podcast that isn’t related to street noise… the sound kinda warbled. I was still able to understand it though.

  • http://knitsonthebus.blogspot.com Margaret in Calgary

    This was the first pod-cast to which I’ve listened, although I’ve been enjoying the LB newsletter for several months now. The ‘Instructables’ idea is amazing — and a mixed blessing. I am over 50. I grew up in a small town in SW Quebec, Canada. I learned to knit, cross-stitch, embroider and sew from my mother and grandmother. I see ‘Instructables’ being used to fill the gaps left for younger women whose mothers (and even grandmothers) no longer fill nowadays. I would love to be a ‘surrogate mother/grandmother’ to teach someone a needle art skill — even over the ‘net, and even if miles away.What you (i.e. at LionBrand and Instructables) are doing is preserving a precious heritage that needs to be blended with today’s technology to become the best it can be. Bravo! and best wishes for 2008.


    Margaret (55+) Blank,

  • Samantha

    I love the Instructables idea. I learned to knit from a book and can’t wait to look at ideas others have.

  • Judy

    The sound quality is awful! You always mention street noise, but I’ve never heard any. The beginning of the podcast sounds like you’re in a cave, and the “Instructables” portion sounds like you’re all under water.

    Your content is good—but the quality on this one was so bad I had to turn it off.

    Please fix this.

  • Samantha

    My resolutions for 2008 include knitting a cabled sweater, making 4 pairs of socks, and knitting with Ruffles. ;) I also want to learn to tat. Does anyone have any information on how to tat? I have searched the internet but I can’t find any how-to websites.

  • Jennifer

    My resolutions for 2008 include knitting a cabled sweater, making 4 pairs of socks, and knitting with Ruffles. ;) I also want to learn to tat. Does anyone have any information on how to tat? I have searched the internet but I can’t find any how-to websites.

  • http://theknitnursechronicles.blogspot.com/ Knit Nurse

    Thanks for the podcast, so much better and more fun than the newsletter! Sound quality is not always that great, hopefully you’ll be able to improve that with a bit of adjustment. Content so far has been fascinating, particularly the episode about men who knit! Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.extravagantknitting.blogspot.com Arlene in Northern NJ

    While I usually enjoy listening to your podcast, I have to say this last one was totally awful production-wise. I couldn’t listen to that horribly recorded interview at all. It sounded like it was being piped through a robot from a bad 1960′s Sci-fi movie.

    If Lion Brand really wants to make the effort of having a podcast, you really need to make a minimal investment into some better sound equipment.

    But keep up your efforts – you are getting better with practice!

  • Dawn

    usually love the podcasts, but this one sounded like I was evesdropping on a company meeting more than a podcast. Someone needs to take the lead a little more and speak directly to the listeners, instead of mostly to each other. I think speaking more distinctly would help also.

  • L Mitchell

    I just listened to the most recent episode of the Yarn Craft on my iPod. I had a terrible time understanding you. There was an awful echo
    that was so distracting that I finally gave up and switched the episode off.

    If you are going to have multiple people on the podcast please plet each person have their own microphone CLOSE to their mouths or headsets with microphones as a unit.

  • Diane

    Thanks for the podcast, I love to listen to people talk about knitting, while I’m knitting!

    An unrelated question for you – is the Lion Cashmere Blend yarn going to be more widely available soon? The only place I’ve seen it is at Beverly’s Fabric/Craft store, and it’s priced at $10.99 per skein, with only a couple of colors. In the same strip mall is a LYS with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, which is a similar fiber blend and yardage, for $8.99, and many colors. I see you have it listed online for $8.99.

  • Lain

    Ditto on the poor audio quality — it often is “noisy” but this one was unlistenable. The interview sounded like it had been sent through one of those voice changers my kids have! I had to skip forward. I loved the topic of resolutions — would have liked to hear more about that.

  • Genie Vaughan

    Dear YarnCraft:

    I am a 30 something knitter who is getting a lot of
    flack about my knitting. I stated knitting when I was 12 and did it off and on through college. In the last 5 years, I went back to it full time. I especially enjoy listing to podcasts! I listen to Cast On and YarnCraft on my computer at work. When I’m home I look at knitting dvd’s and listen to audio books while knitting. I enjoy my craft but my friends and coworkers tease me about it. They tell me I’m too young to be knitting. Why is knitting associated with older women? When I go online I find many young women that are knitting. but I still feel very alone in this. Can you make any suggestions that would cheer me up about this. I’m becoming a secret knitter and not telling anyone I knit. Love the Podcasts keep it up!

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft

    Hi All,

    Thanks for all of your comments and feedback!

    We’re so glad some of you are sharing your resolutions! To read some of the hundreds of resolutions we’ve received so far, click here.

    Diane, thanks for asking about Lion Cashmere Blend! Although it’s not widely carried, I would recommend requesting it at your local yarn shops so they know that there’s a demand for it. You, as a customer, have influence on what stores carry!

    Genie, I just want to say that you are definitely NOT alone! Knitters and crocheters come in all ages! Communities either online (like Ravelry) or locally (visit our Club Finder) can help you connect to people your own age.

    Happy knitting and crocheting, everyone!


  • knitwit

    Help! The audio was horrible on my first visit. Also, the enthusiasm that your guests have does not come thru.

    Maybe some video would be better to visualize the new yarns…projects…catalog…etc….

    Sorry…am I the only one who is disappointed???


    The Knitwit

  • http://whatyourheartthinks.blogspot.com Victoria

    I thought the instructables interview was great! And always the general podcast content is good, but the sound quality on this one was very difficult for me to hear.

  • Carma

    I have been knitting as long as I can remember, my grandmother taught me at age 5. I now have platium hair (lols)
    I have used Lion Yarns for a long time. But, it wasn’t until about 4 months ago, I visited the web site. What fun! Wonder why it took me so bloody long to do so. I love reading everything that the knitters are doing. I have found it hard to find other knitters in my community, so it so lovely to join the community of Lion knitters.
    What I want to share today, I live in a County of Washington State, that suffered exstreme damage in the early December storm of 2007. I was affected by this, plus some family medical problems.
    So…… there wasn’t any Christmas budget this year. Having 5 grandchildren and 11 adult children (includes in-laws) I was in a pickle. This is when I found Lion’s website.
    But, I did have a large arsenal of yarn. 23 projects later, a gift was given to all.
    I want to thank Lionbrand for all their wonderful free patterns, then all your members comments on ideas.

  • Elizabeth

    I definitely agree with the sound quality of this one. And it wasn’t traffic. Its sounded like aliens were morphing their voices and surroundings – so badly that I couldn’t listen to the rest of it!

    I hope its better next time – because I live your podcast!

  • http://LionBrand Victoria

    This was the first podcast I have ever heard and I definitely enjoy the concept. But I also agree with all the other responses regarding poor sound quality, unpolished pronunciation, giggling while talking (in the beginning of the program) and the habit of the speakers talking with each other and not to us. Each speaker also started sentences with “So,” far too frequently!

    I imagine a lot of podcast listeners also enjoy NPR, Terry Gross, etc. and we are accustomed to very professional radio voices.

    I second the “hint” that Instructables should put a how-to of the new LB knitting machine on its site!

    I look forward to listening to future podcasts.

  • Simone

    I enjoy your podcasts.

    I understand the circumstances of this one episode and the sound quality wasn’t like the others and doesn’t diminish my pleasure in listening.

    I am wondering why you didn’t mention Ravelry too. It would do everything that instructables is trying to do but is a much larger community of fiber enthusiasts.

    It is also a great place to journal and track each project.

  • http://www.idealist.org/podcast Celeste

    Great stuff! I love Instructables.com. What a great idea! I wonder why they don’t have podcasts yet, though. I think that would be a good move for them. Good job interviewing them, Liz and Zontee.

    Have any of you ever heard of Learn-a-Palooza DC? It’s a similar idea, only face-to-face. I know that there was an “Intro to Knitting” workshop this year. That would be a cool way to spread the joy of knitting.

    Also just wanted to let you know that we at Idealist.org gave your podcast a shout-out. You an check it out here:


    We’re pretty new with our podcasts, too, and so we definitely understand the challenges to audio quality at times. It will get better, I promise.

  • Marie Middleton

    Can you please give me the address of the lion brand design center in NYC? I cannot find it.

    Thanks Marie

    I want to visit when I am in NYC

    Zontee says: Hi Marie, the Design Center is not open to the public, but keep an eye on the Lion Brand Notebook for more on the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, which opens in November.

  • Allison

    I love this site so so so much :) Cool site!!,

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  • Wellssandi77

    My New Years Resolution, to make crocheted hats for cancer pataints

  • Janet

    My New Years Resolution is to finish some of my unfinished projects. I was looking for yarn for a project and ran across unfinished projects that I didn’t even remember I had started! I WILL get them in one place and finish them, or at least try….Janet