YarnCraft Episode 09 :: R is for Relaxation — Bestselling Author Sue Grafton Talks to YarnCraft

12 Feb

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Lion Brand YarnsAs many yarncrafters already know, knitting and crocheting can be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. In this episode, we speak with Sue Grafton, international bestselling author of the ABC mystery series, who knits to relax after spending her days coming up with the next thrilling mystery about female private-eye Kinsey Millhone (who is also a knitter and crocheter). Sue shares her insights into why knitting is the perfect way to unwind both for her and for Kinsey. Editor’s note: As we’ve been updating our archives, we’ve remastered the interview with Sue Grafton as best we could considering the quality of the original recording.

Find out about current projects that Liz and Zontee are working on, including a Fishermen’s Wool scarf that Zontee’s making and the Knitty.com fetching pattern that Liz is making in Vanna’s Choice. Liz and Zontee also give a preview of the Knit-Out & Crochet event at the Mall of America, where you can meet the two of them, as well as other members of the Lion Brand family. We also share with you a customer story about the calming effects of yarncrafting. To read more customer stories, visit our readers’ stories page.

After Sue’s interview, stay tuned for Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life. Liz and Zontee share stress-reducing tips for your joints while yarncrafting, such as using stress relief gloves. They also recommend simple patterns as projects that can be incredibly soothing. Recommended patterns include prayer shawl patterns because of their simple, repetitve stitch patterns.

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Show Notes:
00:12 Intro and welcome
01:54 What’s on Liz & Zontee’s hooks & needles?
06:56 Knit-Out & Crochet at the Mall of America
08:10 Interview with Sue Grafton
22:15 Customer story — War & Piece
23:58 Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life
28:33 Thanks to our guests

  • Sammy

    I always love listening to the yarncraft podcasts. Keep up the good work!

  • Irene


    I listened to the Feb 12 podcast, but the quality of the recording was SO BAD!! It sounded like there were psychedelic sci-fi noises in the background every time Sue talked!

    And everyone else sounds like they’re talking in a long empty hallway…

    It makes it very hard to listen!


  • Grace

    I have to agree with Zontee’s quote about knitting being the new yoga. I really got into knitting once I discovered the escapist, meditative, calming qualities it brought to my daily life. I know that knitting has helped me focus my attention away from the more stressful things on my mind. I also noticed that knitting on the subway on the morning commute helps me to stay awake and wake my mind up gradually. I completely echo Liz saying that knitting in the round is very relaxing and easy.

  • Dealonnia Alberson-Cook

    Just thought I would let you know that I enjoy your PODCAST I listen to them on the way to work. However, your recordings are not clear. The introduction of this last one sounded like a cave or tunnel. And Liz I wish I could meet you – I cannot knit in the round for anything. The stitches stay straight the needle thread in the center is curly and I don’t know what to do. Again, thanks for the PODCAST.

  • http://knitandpurlgrrl.blogs.com Lain

    Once again, the interview sounded like it was conducted via satellite to Mars. So disappointing, especially with such a great guest! Can you do anything to fix this?

  • Linda

    The content and organization are really great. Once the technical problems are ironed out they should be even better.

    I always load them on to my iPod as soon as they are released then wait for a time I can listen with out interruption.

    Hopefully there will be many more in the future.

  • http://roespot.blogspot.com Rosemary

    Hi there,

    I love the podcast – been listening since the first episode. I just wanted to chime in on the sound quality of this latest podcast, particularly with the Sue Grafton interview. I am listening as I write this, and it’s horrible! Sounds like someone is playing Space Invaders in the background!

    Other than that, great podcast. Thanks!

  • Betty Dubinsky

    Is there any way a deaf person can get a transcript of a podcast? There have been a couple of podcasts that I would love to know more about but being deaf kind of eliminates me from listening. It seems that there should be some way for people like me to be able to find out what is on the podcast. I’m sure I’m not the only hard of hearing knitter.

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft

    Hi Betty,

    We’re actually working on transcripts currently, and they should start appearing in the next week or two. Check the “Transcripts” link at the top of the blog to see when they are available.


  • Michelle Mondro

    I’m enjoying the podcasts but have to admit that I’m tempted to cancel my podcast subscription because the sound quality is so bad…it sounds like you are recording in an aircraft hangar! It sounds like you’re working on a solution, so I’m keeping my subscription.

    Also, I think you waste a lot of time at the start of the podcast talking about the “rules of the road”…how you can find the podcast, how to subscribe, how to email comments, etc. If we’re listening to the podcast, we know how to find it. Given your content is so wonderful I hate to waste precious time on stuff I know (and hear in every podcast).


  • Cheryl W

    Love the podcasts, since the 1st podcast. I use knitting to relax and as a dstraction when want to snack….I knit till my snack attack passes….sure don’t want to handle yarn when your fingers gooey from salty and sugary snacks. I look forward to the podcasts….read the Friday Night Knit Club because of the pocast. I thought the book was great, and my husband would ask for a daily synopsis of what I read. During WWI, weren’t the soldiers in the military hospitals taught Knitting and crocheting as a distraction, and rehab?