YarnCraft Episode 14 :: Putting Knit & Crochet Together

22 Apr

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Retro SwingTake your yarncrafting skills and bring them together! In this episode, Liz and Zontee share some patterns that use both knit and crochet in one garment, as well as the reasons that knitters can benefit from learning some crochet and vice versa. Discover how just a few skills in a different yarncraft can expand your abilities!

Patterns that pair both skills include a winter white Beret and a Retro Swing jacket.

We also talk to author Monette Satterfield, whose book Knit & Crochet Combined: Best of Both Worlds and website are good resources for putting these two crafts together. Another book we talk about is Knitting Loves Crochet by Candi Jensen.

Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life – Liz and Zontee share 5 picks for spring projects:

1. BagsMarket Bag & Eco-Friendly Expandable Shopping Bag
2. Washcloths & DishclothsBauhaus Washcloths & Basic Dishcloths
3. Cropped Sweaters & BolerosCropped Raglan Sweater & Four Seasons Bolero
4. Kids’ Vests & TopsCable Vest, Naturally Classic Vest, Sporty Stripe Top, and Crochet Child’s Top
5. Socks – Whitby Lace Sock & Toe-less Pedicure Sock from the Lion Brand Just Socks book

For more wonderful, spring projects (or fall projects for our friends in the southern hemisphere), visit our Pattern Finder.

To share your comments and thoughts, post a message on the blog, email to yarncraft [at] lionbrand [dot] com! We’ll be answering YOUR questions in the next episode, so ask us anything that you’ve been wanting to know about! You may be included in our next episode!

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Show Notes:
00:12 Intro and welcome
01:38 What’s on Liz & Zontee’s hooks & needles?
07:17 Tips on combining knitting and crocheting
16:02 Interview with Monette Satterfield
24:53 Stash This
31:00 Thanks to our guests

  • Kelly

    Some questions for your next podcast…

    What is you favorite Lion Brand yarn? And what is your favorite non-Lion Brand yarn? I hoping you can answer the second question :)

    How many people work at the Lion Brand headquarters in NY? Do you get knitting breaks? I thought I would ask since so many people get smoking breaks when working – why not knitting breaks!

  • Grace

    I really dug this podcast – I am sooo ready for spring knitting! Socks, tops & market bags! I’m trying to peice together a design for another knit market-style bag using the Mesh stitch from the stitch finder. I’m swatching now and I know a store in midtown that stocks a nice color variety of LB cotton.

  • Melissa

    I don’t have a question, but a request – you should talk about different types of crochet on the podcast, such as broomstick needle or using an afghan hook. I do both and find them fascinating so I think others will too! :-D

  • Mari

    I would like to know where to buy discounted yarn. I live in Alabama, and WalMart is carrying less and less varieties of yarn. I give away everything I make (baby blankets, wheel chair bags, lap robes, etc.) and really need to find a cheaper source of yarn. I would like to try some of the new yarns mentioned on the podcasts and shown in the patterns on the website. Not to mention, I am always running out of yarn, and I don’t have much patience to wait for it to come in the mail.

    Love the podcasts! Which they were video as well as audio. I would like to see your faces and your current projects.

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for leaving your questions and comments!

    Grace, I’m glad you like the mesh stitch. It works up beautifully and is easy to memorize!

    Melissa, we’ll definitely keep that in mind for a future episode.

    Mari, don’t forget to check out the Lion Brand Notebook for a behind the scenes look at certain podcast episodes. You can also check out our Ravelry profile to see our latest projects, or if you’re not on Ravelry, check out our page at Flickr.

  • Mari

    Thanks — I will check them all out.

    I have one more question. I am modifying an afghan pattern from full size to baby size, and I don’t want to buy too much yarn. I have scaled everything (hook size, starting chain, and number of rows) back by 75%. Should I reduce the number of ounces of yarn by the same percentage since I am changing weight as well?
    The pattern calls for 49 ounces of worsted weight yarn. Would I buy 36 ounces of baby weight yarn, or will it be less than that? I am trying to reduce my stash–not increase it. Thanks!!!!!

  • Melissa

    Thanks for the response!

    Now I have a question: Liz, I heard you say you have bunnies! I LOVE BUNNIES! I would have one if my apartment allowed it. How can you keep them in New York? Do you live in an apartment? Do they get exercise? Do you take them on “hops”? AND, are you the creator of all those bunny amigurumi patterns that keep popping up on the Lion Brand website? I am so excited to see a variety of them! I have only tried the Best Bunny pattern but I intend to try them all. I am hoping to get more into amigurumi, even though I don’t know much about it. (That would make another good podcast! – talk about the history of amigurumi, etc.)

  • http://www.extravagantknitting.com Arlene in Northern NJ

    I’ve been enjoying the podcasts, and you’ve asked for questions. Okay, here’s one: Zontee, why do you tease us with product that isn’t available yet??? That was not very nice, talking about Sockease, when the rest of us are waiting to get our hands on it! So, when will Sockease be available to the rest of us? Will stores like Michaels, JoAnns, or A.C. Moore carry it?

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft

    Hi Arlene,

    We’re just too excited about Sock-Ease to keep it to ourselves! (Although, I’m betting it was Liz who brought it up, not me–she loves knitting socks.) Keep an eye on the E-Newsletter for it, since we will definitely announce it there first. Check with your local stores about whether or not they will be carrying it, since each store has a different stocking schedule of when they introduce new yarns.


  • Anne-Marie in South Africa

    I love your podcasts! They make me wish that I could knit all day. Keep up the good work, you guys!

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  • Mykal

    I have been crocheting for about a year and a half and love the things i make. i usually give them away, then i saw a crochet sock pattern, well…to be completely honest i think socks should be knit. years and years ago my grandmother taught me how to knit, and now i think the time is right for me to start again. so in two days time i have learned the basic stitches for knitting, and hopefully i will be able to add some nice ribbing to my crochet work when needed and also start making some socks soon, i love socks, especially the patterns i have seen on the Lionbrand website are double cute.

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