YarnCraft Episode 60 :: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Fiber Artists Ruth Marshall & Nathan Vincent

16 Feb

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On today’s episode, Liz & Zontee chat with artists Ruth Marshall, an artist drawing attention to animal conservation through her knitted animal skins, and Nathan Vincent, an artist focusing on the tension between “masculine” and “feminine”, to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the creative processes of these two fiber artists.

How has their art improved their knitting and crocheting? Why are yarncrafts the media in which they’ve chosen to make their pieces? What is the inspiration behind their art? Find out the answers to these questions, and more.

Photo of Gold Jaguar, courtesy of Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery/photo by Maja Kihlstedt.

Patterns discussed include:

Websites discussed include:

Stash This — Ideas for Your Crafting Life: Working with multiple strands of yarn? Learn how to manage them, whether it’s for color-work, working with several strands at once, or even just dealing with multiple ends in a pattern.

This quick Stash This is chock-full of useful facts that you’ll definitely want to hear.

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Show Notes:
00:09 Intro & welcome
01:15 What’s on Liz & Zontee’s hooks & needles
11:14 Interview with Ruth Marshall
21:09 Interview with Nathan Vincent
29:31 Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life
37:23 Thanks to our listeners & guests

  • DCAlaneKnits

    I really loved the hints/tips in this episode. I’d love to see a brief section each time, much like you have the tips on the LionBrand website.

    The advice I need isn’t for a specific pattern, but I have an issue with ladders when ribbing and using dpns. I need to figure out how to get rid of these because I would really, really like to try socks later on this year.

  • Stephanie

    Yay! Thanks for mentioning me– it made me very happy and I told all of my friends. :-) Also, my finished envelope that I made using your tips is up on my Rav. Thanks guys– keep up the great work!

  • Miki Thompson

    Wow – thanks for the help with my question. I will look back through the archives for the episodes you mentioned.

  • http://www.restlessgrace.blogspot.com Grace

    Hey! Thanks for shaing my cupcake story!

    I am absolutely impressed by Ruth Marshall’s knitted animal skins. The life like detail is truly amazing.

    I also was lucky enough to see Nathan Vincent’s talk at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio. I really appreciated the insight he gave about his artistic development and his thoughts about the meaning in his artwork. His taxidermy heads were impressive and beautiful in their own right as well.

    I really enjoy hearing about the artists featured in the studio. It’s really nice to hear the artists voice as they talk about their work.

  • Betsy (the cramped hand )

    Hi ,
    Love your podcasts.
    Was wondering if you could get Twinkie Chan on for an interview? She makes the best crochet foodie items ever.

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  • amiimae


  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft Podcast

    Hi Amiimae, if you’ve made a stockinette stitch scarf (where all the knits line up on one face and the purls line up on the other), the nature of that type of fabric is to curl. Even if you included border stitches (depending on how many border stitches you included on either edge) which can help stabilize the fabric, it may still have a tendency to curl in a bit. One thing that will help to “train” the fabric flat is to block it. Use the link to learn more about how to block your particular fiber. Hope that helps! Also, for questions about patterns and project support, you can always e-mail Lion Brand’s pattern support at support@lionbrand.com

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