YarnCraft Episode 100 :: Celebrating the Changing Nature of Knitting & Crochet PLUS 4 Years of YarnCraft

13 Sep

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It’s finally here! We’re celebrating the 100th episode of YarnCraft and we want to thank YOU our listeners for supporting us and tuning in over the last 4 years.

On today’s episode, Liz & Zontee take a look at the past and talk about the changes in the world of yarncrafting that have occurred, as well as looking at the future with trends that YOU our listeners have noted as some up-and-coming areas of interest in crafting with yarn. They also share their favorite interviews, tips, and episodes over the last 4 years.

Then, Zontee interviews editor of Crochet Insider and designer, Dora Ohrenstein, about her book, Creating Crochet Fabric, as well as the important lessons about crochet that she’s learned over the years. Find Dora on Crochet Insider by clicking here.

Finally, on Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life, Liz & Zontee share the comments that you left on our last episode, answer listener questions, and highlight topics they’ll cover in the upcoming months.

Congratulations to Abby and Linnel on winning our last giveaway! To enter this episode’s giveaway of a $100 credit to LionBrand.com (go on a virtual shopping spree!), simply leave a comment on what guests you’d like to hear us interview in upcoming episodes. Comments must be left by September 22, 11:59:59 EDT; be sure to include your name and email address so that we can get in touch with you.

Join us again in two weeks, when we talk about great Halloween projects. Are you incorporating yarncrafts into your Halloween? Leave a message on the blog or email us at yarncraft [at] lionbrand [dot] com! You can also call in and leave a message at 774-452-YARN–that’s 774-452-9276.

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Show Notes:
00:09 Intro & welcome
01:19 Liz & Zontee’s Favorite Moments
08:36 Changes & Trends in Yarncrafting
17:20 Interview with Dora Ohrenstein
25:58 Congratulations to Our Contest Winners
27:38 Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life
36:25 Thanks to our listeners and guests

  • DCAlane

    Wow.  3 times?  How could I not remember?   I’ll re-listen to those.  Again.   It would be great to have an indexed list of interviews.   In your extra spare time… : )

    Great video on on the weaving!

  • http://helenkosings.wordpress.com Helenkosings

    I got over here from KnitPurlGurl’s blog.  Congratulations on four years! I’ve listened to most of them, and I’d love for you guys to interview Cookie A.


  • Zoe Valette

    I’d love to hear interviews with designers who are involved in self-publishing and helping other self-publish, like Cat Bordhi and Shannon Okey.

  • Linda

    I’ve been listening to your podcast since you started. I’ve learned so much from
    you. Thank you so much!

    I’d love to hear you interview Cookie A. or Jared Flood. That would be awesome.

  • Carmen

    Congratulations on your 100th!  KNITPURLGURL sent me, but I was coming here anyway :).  I’d love to see an interview with Kim Guzman or Melissa Leapman.

  • Amanda Mowry

    Congrats on 100!
    Knitpurlgurl sent me!

  • Jean

    Congratulations on 100 episodes! How about doing a phone interview with Woolly Wormhead? I’ve been one of her test knitters for her hat designs for several years. She is very interesting.

  • Linda C

    Congrats on 100 episodes! I love your podcast!

    How about Sally Melville? I love her The Knitting Experience books, which are a few years old, but are excellent.
    Also, the women who started the Prayer Shawl movement would be interesting. I know one of their last names is Barstow and they are both in Hartford, CT.

  • Kathy

    I love Isolda Teague, she’s just adorable and would make a great guest. She can tell us more about making custom fit sweaters.

  • Judith

    Congratulations on your 100th episode! I always look forward to your podcasts! How about having Julia Roberts as a guest? I just love her as an actress and knowing she’s a knitter makes her even more of a star in my book. :)

  • Lynnd

    Thought of KNight, and wish could Barbara Albright (but she has passed away). and what about this site http://www.knitknit.net/issues.php?id=7
    did see some giagantic knitted items but cant recall his name. 
    wish could remember names have seen lately on sites or at VC weavers guild has lots of knitters. What about machine knitters (Heidi…)
    Lynn D

  • Paige H

    Congratulations on your 100th pod casts!  I’ve listened to and anticipated each one.  One artist I would be interested in listening to would be Brigitte Read, author of Super, Super Cute Crochet.  Her amigurumi have such a distinct look and are so realistic.  Other guests which might be of interest would be anyone who actually raises fiber animals.  It would be interesting to learn how to break into the business or hobby of fiber animals as well as some of their basic husbandry needs.

  • Colliemcguire

    100 is a great start, go for 200 please!  I would love to hear from yarn shop owners and their favorites and what they love about knitting. You would of course have to feature shops that carry LionBrand. i love hearing from the designers, but also love to hear about people who love yarncrafting.

  • Astheraven.flies

    I would love to hear from Vanna White!! P.S. Love the show…out of the 100′s of podcasts i listen to, yours is my favorite!!!!!!!
    -Spencer Kondak

  • TopHat

    I’m somewhat new to the podcast. Has the Yarn Harlot been on? Or Anne Hanson? I loved the Mochimochi interview with Anna Hrachovec!

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft Podcast

    Thanks for the suggestions, Linda! We’ll keep them in mind. For an immediate Jared Flood interview, don’t forget to revisit episode 45!

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft Podcast

    Thanks for the suggestions, Carmen! I’ve tried to convince Melissa that she should come on as a guest every time she’s been here in our design center, but so far I think she’s a little shy! Maybe we’ll have to read her your comment to convince her.

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft Podcast

    Thanks for the kind words and suggestions, Linda C! Sally’s great–don’t forget to revisit episode 91 to hear a great tip-filled interview with her.

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft Podcast

    I think it may be a little difficult to get a hold of Julia Roberts, Judith, but we’ll definitely keep it in mind!

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft Podcast

    Hi Lynnd, thanks for the suggestions. We’ll add them to the list. In the meantime, check out our interview with Sabrina Gschwandtner, founder and editor of Knit Knit, in episode 11.

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft Podcast

    Interesting suggestions, Paige H! We’ll have to keep them in mind!

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft Podcast

    Hi Spencer, thanks for the kind words! We hope to have Vanna on again in the future, but in the meantime, hear from her in episode 7, which you can find in the archives/index.

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft Podcast

    Hi TopHat, yes, the Yarn Harlot was on episodes 16 and 4, so check them out in the archives. We’ll definitely keep Anne Hanson in mind for the future. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com YarnCraft Podcast

    Thanks for the kind words, Jennifer! Doris has promised to join us for an upcoming episode, so definitely keep an eye out for that.

    PLUS, don’t forget to check out the Club Finder on LionBrand.com (under the “Community” heading) to see if there are existing groups in your area.

  • Alexandria

    I think it would be great to hear not only from yarn shop owners, but to have someone talk about tips on how to get a shop of their own started – a little bit of the actual business side (financial, management, etc) but also how do you go about picking out which yarns to stock, or what types of yarncrafting should you support (only knit and crochet or include looms).  I’m from CT and a neat yarn shop in the area (and by far the largest I’ve been to) is Webs in Mass.  Have there been any interviews with the owners?