Status Update on Our Next Episode

9 Nov

Hi all–just wanted to update you guys on the status our next episode. It’s been a hectic week, here in NYC, but we’re slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Many affected by Hurricane Sandy are still without power and/or heat, so I hope you’ll check out the many resources online about places to donate money and supplies. If you’re in the affected areas, there are also many shelters and facilities to volunteer at.

Michelle and I just want to let you know that our next episode, #129, will go live on Nov. 20th. We’ll be talking about cast-on and cast-off methods, ways to start your crochet projects, and also decorative trims you can add to projects.

Be a part of it! Leave a comment about your favorite cast-ons, starting chain methods, and trims–you could be included in our next episode!

In the meantime, I again want to thank everyone who’s sent in emails and comments of support–we truly appreciate it…as does our Nor’easter Snowman (click on the photo to get his pattern on!

  • Ellen

    Casting on favourites:  either the knitted or cable.  I always have to have the instructions in front of me for the long tail or German, even if I just did 300 stitches of it the week before.
    Binding off:  regular method or Jenny’s suprisingly stretchy

  • Jennifer

    i really hate to bother you all after all the drama and mess of Sandy but in the mornings i love to drink my coffee, crochet orders and listen to older podcasts.  However many of the older ones no longer work, is there somewhere else i can listen to them…. i really hate to inconvenience you.  Thanks for all the wonderful podcasts!!

  • Zontee

    Hi Jennifer, no problem–we actually put a note at the top of the archive page that says: Due to technical difficulties, episodes before January 2012 (episode 107) are not currently available for download. We’ll be making them available over the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience.

  • Paige H

    So glad to hear things are getting back normal.  I love the foundation single and half double crochet. It leaves a nice neat edge and you don’t have to deal with those foundation chains.  Also, the magic circle or loop is great for starting items you would crochet in the round.

  • Suzanne Faris

    This is off topic but I am wondering what stores sell the new bonbon yarn. I’m in Wisconsin and hoping there is a store near me that carries it or will be carrying it soon.

  • Amy

    As much as I miss the podcast, I’m just glad you are all ok. Hope things are back to normal for you soon.

  • YarnCraft Podcast

    Hi Suzanne, Bonbons is pretty widely carried by the chains and independent stores we work with. Since each store’s stock will vary within a chain and many independent stores buy our products through a distributor, we don’t always know which particular stores near you have a product, but you can visit and use our store locator to find stores that carry Lion Brand products and then call them up to see if they carry Bonbons. Hope that helps!

  • YarnCraft Podcast

    Thanks so much for the well wishes! It’s nice to be back in the offices, but of course, NYC is still on the road to recovery. Hope you enjoyed our post-storm episode!