YarnCraft Episode 145 :: 5 Ways Knitting Can Complement Crochet (And Vice Versa!)

9 Jul

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YarnCraft Episode 145 :: 5 Ways How Knitting Can Complement Crochet (And Vice Versa!)

Become multi-craftual! If you’re a knitter thinking about learning crochet OR a crocheter thinking about learning to knit, you’ll want to listen to this episode. We explore great techniques in both crafts, as well as tips on how to get started in your new craft. Plus get some recommendations on patterns that combine both crafts in one project!

To read “Play Nice” by Franklin Habit, click here.

Knit+crochet patterns discussed include:

Then on Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life, we talk about how to decorate your workspace with yarn! For more on the ideas shared, check out: Yarn Painting, Wrapped Letters, Wrapped Picture Frame, Devin’s Iron Man Cup Cozy, Twinkie Chan’s Tissue Box Cover.

Want to win a pattern book? Be sure to listen to this episode for details on how to enter our book giveaway! We have books from our friends at Potter Craft and SMP Craft—tune into 34:17 for directions and rules. Be sure to leave your comment by 11:59 pm Eastern on July 17, 2013 to qualify. (Must be 18 or the age of majority in your municipality. Only open to residents of countries where LionBrand.com ships. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.)

Join us in two weeks when we talk about techniques from around the world. What are your favorite regional knit and crochet techniques? Share them with us! Leave a message on the blog or email us at yarncraft [at] lionbrand [dot] com! You can also call in and leave a message at 774-452-YARN–that’s 774-452-9276. 

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00:10 Intro & welcome
01:13 What’s on our listeners’ hooks & needles
04:51 Ways knitting and crochet complement each other
21:37 Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life
34:17 Contest information
35:00 Thanks to our listeners

  • Susie Moten

    I am very interested in knitting socks, but I can’t seem to get the hang of knitting! So I am learning to knook to see if that will work for me. I am also planning on learning to Tunisian crochet lace. Thanks for an informative podcast!

  • http://www.crafteemcgee.com/ jacqui sharpe

    I would love to try crochet entrelac! And also finally master knitting. I learned when I was young but have forgotten it all in favor of crochet!

  • Juanita Becker

    Thank you for another great podcast! My grandmother (Oma) knit a lot and crocheted a bit and my mother mostly crochets but also knit a bit, so between the two and various instruction books I have learned to do both. I enjoyed your podcast on combining the two. I like the look of that knit and crochet wing jacket, which I think will go well with my increasingly ‘Eileen Fisher’ work wardrobe!

    The technique I have not tried but would like to learn is making cables. I have never knit anything with cables, but I have downloaded all the postings for the KAL from some time back for the Inishturk (sp?) sweater. I even bought the yarn. Hopefully sometime this winter I will be knitting that sweater!

    I made my long overdue first trip to NYC this past spring, and made it a priority to visit the Lion Brand Store on my first day. It’s a great store with wonderful friendly and helpful staff, and that display window was amazing. I enjoyed hearing you talk about the flowers from the displays—when I was there the bicycle with flowers and bread loaves all knitted or perhaps crocheted was in the window. It was fantastic! It would be great if you could have a photo album of the various displays somewhere on your website. (Maybe you do and I have not seen it yet.)

  • Gloria Masley

    I would like to learn how to crochet the crocodile stitch. I also would love to learn to intarsha. Also would love to get better at knitting cables and possible a sweater!

  • Guest

    I Know all about doing things wrong. I was in a really bad car wreck in 2000 and barely survived. I broke both arms and have plates and pins in both. Because of the metal in my arms I cannot turn my wrist like others… this has caused a little issue when learning to crochet and knit. During the beginning I could not get the hang or hold my hooks and needles. After much trail and error I have learned that it doesn’t not really matter how I hold them.
    I have been crocheting since the end of December and am currently working on my first knitted project. I have been practicing knitting stitches then Frogging them but I decided it was time to get my knit on!
    oh I am Yarning4aSmile – made my day when you mentioned me in the podcast!!! I feel so cool lol

  • kim dawson

    I would love to try Tunisian Crochet. I love crochet and just now really getting into knit. I am starting my first Knit project a large cowl on circular needles. I have never used them and started over 3 times today and cast 220 st 3x!! I am determined to get this and after I do I will attempt Tunisian Crochet…. maybe lol
    oh I am Yarning4aSmile – made my day when you mentioned me in the podcast!!!

  • Leslie

    I am excited to try my first amigurumi!

  • http://www.lionbrand.com/ Zontee

    Hi Juanita, select photos from our displays can be seen on the Lion Brand Yarn Studio’s website here:


  • kroshaykel

    Great podcast, Ladies!

    I’m always interested in learning new things (with crochet). From simple to complex. I’ve recently become a big fan of the magic loop, and have also finally mastered the foundation row sc, hdc and dc which has been life altering :)

    A few things I’d like to try next (again, both simple and complex) include: broom stick lace, bullion stitch, crocodile stitch, hairpin lace, cro-tat and entrelac.

    Keep up the great work ladies!

  • Debbie Z

    I’m a crocheter and love Tunisian Crochet (which I grew up calling the afghan stitch). I’ve just acquired some double ended needles and want to try some patterns using the new hooks.

  • deebee

    I’d like to learn crocodile stitch, how to purl in continental knitting, and I’d like to figure out how ti use the” knook” hooks,so far not successful

  • Amigurumi

    I really enjoyed the knitting vs. crochet mindset topic on your
    podcast. I have noticed how yarncrafters often have a decided preference of one
    to the exclusion of the other. The topic made me think of the
    character Adele from Betty Hechtman’s entertaining crochet mystery series (the first
    book in the series is called “Hooked on Murder”). Adele is a crochet
    enthusiast and is not at all fond of knitting, to say the least. Her
    antics are highly amusing–she seems to have taken up the cause of
    getting more attention and respect for crocheting. I think one day
    something will cause Adele to come around, and she might even embrace
    knitting. Or maybe not!

  • http://www.lionbrand.com/ Zontee

    Love it! That reminds me that you can check out episode 106 for an interview with Betty Hechtman, if you’re interested:


  • Kelly Black aka ShortysSutures

    I want to try weaving an intricate pattern. I purchased a new Zoom Loom a few weeks ago and am discovering just how many weaving patterns there are available out there. So far I’ve only followed the basic instructions to make a coaster, but I’m looking forward to making something with heirloom qualities. : )

  • Renee Zinck

    I would like to try the bullion stitch in crochet.

  • CK

    Tunisian crochet! I have the hook, just need to sit down and try it. I am currently knitting a shale and will crochet a ruffled border.
    Great episode, thanks!!

  • Monica de Moss

    I would love to try Tunisian Crochet. I am confused as to whether it really is like the afghan stitch or something completely different. In the interim, I’ve been also toying with learning Entrelac for knitting. So many stitches and styles to learn and so little time! Enjoyed the Podcast. It was my first time listening in.

  • YMM424

    I ADORE YOUR PODCAST…I happen to live in NYC and will be going to one of your workshops but all I can say is that I’m interested in everything! I most enjoy crochet, but now I too am interested in attempting knitting socks. Tunisian crochet seems to me to be an awesome crossover between the two skills of knit and crochet and I just got a book for that. I am totally inspired by mixed techniques and their overall outcomes. I love mixed media artwork and think yarn crafting lends itself to this with a good imagination…keep up the great work. I wish you podcasted more often. I listen to them when I’m at the gym (believe it or not).

  • joyce

    I would really like to try entrelac someday. It looks complicated but produces some beautiful items. Good episode. I might even be motivated to try something crocheted. Thanks for the giveaways.

  • Debby Shoemaker

    I would like to learn to knit entrelac. I have not been able to master that just yet.

  • Susan Jaeger

    I’m a knitter, but would love to learn how to crochet so I can make amigurumi. Great episode, as usual!

  • YMM424

    Ok, I posted earlier but I’ve since listened to the podcast again. Comments: mixing both crochet and knitting is awesome as both have their pros and cons. What I’d like to do is create a shrug using both skills. It seems to me that knitting lends itself to the creation of a basic rectangular form which would be the main body of the shrug, and crochet would be idea for creating lacy edges, arms, embellishments, or what have you. I suggest making a shrug because I’ve been researching this, as I intend to do so, and I’ve come to realize that the basic idea is quite simple and once you are aware of it, mixing skills lends itself to the creation of unusual, one of a kind, shrugs.
    Or, I’ve given thought to creating “swatches of knitting patterns and joining them together to with crochet.
    In response to something you mentioned, it IS important to try the skill you don’t normally practice (for me this would be knitting) and just approach it as a learning experience. Be open minded and aware that you may not create the most perfect item, but you are in the process of learning, and that experience alone makes you all the better.

  • http://elliottcraftycreations.blogspot.com Elliott Crafty Creations

    Lately I have been rather interested in trying my hand at Tunisian Crochet. It intrigues me. I currently crochet and loom knit. I have always said that when I become really comfortable with both of those methods I would branch out and try knitting. Now that I have been introduced to Tunisian crochet I have to add it to my list as well.

  • TwilightMundi

    I would like to try knit entrelac, double knitting, and I’d like to try my hand at an Aran sweater.

  • Cathy Brown

    Entrelac, I want to experience knitted entrelac. I love the look and can see a shrug, but I guess I need to learn how to do it before I start designing projects?

  • http://www.lionbrand.com/ Zontee

    Don’t forget to check out our archives for oldies-but-goodies:

    I’ve been working to upload our back-log of episodes (which got wiped from our servers a few months ago) and everything after July 2008 is now available!

  • http://www.lionbrand.com/ Zontee

    Hi Monica, “Afghan stitch” is another name for the Tunisian simple stitch (one of many different Tunisian crochet stitches). Sometimes it’s also used interchangeably with “Tunisian crochet”. Hope that helps! Welcome to the show and hope you’ll check out more episodes in the future!

  • Julie Routon

    I just started listening to your podcast and I am so enjoying the information you are sharing. I would love to hear more about socks & fingerless mitts that are knitted.

  • http://www.lionbrand.com/ Zontee

    Thanks for sharing, Kelly! Definitely check out The Weaver’s Idea book for some great warp/weft patterns. Revisit episode 99 for an episode all about it:


  • anne Josephy-Zack

    I would really like to try knitting with beads

  • http://yarncraft.lionbrand.com/ YarnCraft Podcast
  • Iryna B.

    Thank you ladies for the podcast!
    I knit and crochet since school time, both enjoy equally well. But you won’t believe it…, I’ve never tried to make broomstick lace. I guess, I’ve never seen a pattern that I liked.

  • mercedes

    I would like to try intarsia knitting and tunisian crochet.