Encore Episode: 5 Colorwork Techniques We Love, Plus Quick & Easy Halloween Projects

24 Sep

Looking forward to new YarnCraft episodes? New episodes return October 1st. In the meantime, join us for an episode from our archives.

127 :: 5 Colorwork Techniques We Love, Plus Quick & Easy Halloween Projects

Last fall, we shared some of our favorite colorwork techniques and projects that go along with them! Get inspired by all of the different ways to create visual interest in your projects on this episode.

Then, Zontee and Michelel talk about quick Halloween projects that are fun and festive.

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New episodes of YarnCraft return October 1st. 

  • kim dawson

    love your podcast! I wanted to share my Crafting Horror with you guys…. I can not say I have had a knitting or crochet one since I have not been crocheting or knitting for a year yet but I do have a cooking one…. well actually it is kind of my hubby’s :) See when we young and during the BC (before Children) stage we hosted get together for our friends… We were known for our Halloween dress up parties… I even went all out and made themed food.. My darling hubby was always in charge of the grilling. Well in 2007 was our first party as new parents, I was a little overwhelmed since our son was only 2 months old so I got my dear hubby to make the hamburger patties all by himself for the first time ever…. he decided he would add some BBQ sauce to them before grilling them. Lets just say it was a mess… the patties fell apart and stuck to the grill. we saved what we could. It looked a lot like sloppy Joe meat with out the sauce. They “Hamburger Monster Mash” as I called it was surprisingly good and our friends assumed it was part of my themed meal :)

  • http://www.lionbrand.com/ Zontee

    Haha, love it! It’s always good to be adaptable!

  • kim dawson

    yea it is… I must be honest and say I was thinking the question about leaving a Halloween horror story at the end of this podcast was recent… I was so hoping to win a little something.. lol oh well maybe our little story will put a smile on someone’s face :)

  • http://www.lionbrand.com/ Zontee

    Stay tuned then! Next episode will have a giveaway (151) :-)