How to Subscribe

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A podcast is an audio-file [MP3] distributed over the internet that can be downloaded to your computer or personal music player and listened to whenever and wherever you choose. Best of all, you can subscribe to it (for free!) so that the download happens automatically.

How to Subscribe via Email

If you prefer to receive our podcasts by email, just sign up with this handy form and you will receive them in your inbox whenever a new episode is published:

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How to Subscribe via a Podcatcher

Step 1: Install a podcatching program. Many listeners use iTunes. Other popular choices include Stitcher, Zune, Blubrry, and Juice. All are free.

Step 2: Once you’ve downloaded and installed your podcatcher, simply add the feed ( to subscribe. For specific details, keep reading.

How to Subscribe on iTunes

To subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, you can search for YarnCraft in the iTunes store and click “Subscribe.” Click here for a direct link to the iTunes page.

How to Subscribe on Zune

To subscribe to the podcast on Zune, you can search for YarnCraft in the Zune store and click “Subscribe” or click the Zune logo here: Click here to add to Zune

How to Subscribe on Blubrry

To subscribe to the podcast on Blubrry, you can search for YarnCraft on the site.