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Jessica: Welcome to YarnCraft, episode 3. It is November 30th, 2007. Thanks for tuning in; you can listen to Yarncraft twice a month; we’re on every other Tuesday. And to find out when we’re on or to read our show notes, you can check out our blog which is at
Yarncraft.LionBrand.com, or you can email us if you have any questions or ideas (YarnCraft [at] LionBrand [dot] com). You can also download us through your favorite podcatcher, and you can also search for us on iTunes. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to subscribe to a podcast; we have everything you need to know on our “How to Subscribe” page. Just go to our blog at YarnCraft.LionBrand.com. The benefit of subscribing to the podcast is that you will get our very latest show as soon as it goes up. So if you don’t want to miss a show, definitely subscribe. So welcome back everyone, I’m Jessica Abo, the host of the first series of Yarncraft podcasts, and we are happy to have you with us. If you hear taxi cabs going by or construction going on, that’s because we’re podcasting today from the 15th Street Design Center in New York City, and today we’re going to talk about gift ideas. Zontee Hou and Liz Shaw will be back with us and we’ll also talk with Jackie Smyth. We’ll share a customer story with you, and we have our “Stash This” segment, so stay tuned.

Jessica: So Zontee, in our last episode we gave a tip about inspiration boards, and we have gotten some great listener comments.

Zontee: Yeah, definitely. I think that inspiration boards have really been a big hit with everybody. I know it’s something that we love over here, and we got one comment from Gina, who said, “Enjoying the new podcast, love the idea for inspiration boards. I would like to do the stash swatches on my inspiration board, but I am afraid there isn’t a board big enough for all of my swatches.” Well, Gina, something that we think is really helpful is actually grouping your swatches by either type of yarn or by colors and doing a couple of boards, that way you can spread around your work area, and that way you can put all of your swatches up on inspiration boards. It’s okay to group inspiration boards by topics, so don’t feel like you have to do one board with all of your swatches, because that would be overwhelming for probably any knitter or crocheter.

Jessica: Great advice, and we also had a great suggestion; we have a voice message line.

Zontee: Yep, we have a message from Anna, so we’re going to play that for you right now.

Anna: Hi, my name is Anna; I have been listening to the YarnCraft podcast for a while. So in this past episode I was listening and I like the idea people suggested for the board. But I’ve actually considered doing my own modification on that in doing like a binder with all the yarns that I have in my collection, along with their swatching instructions and whatnot so that I can easily look back and, if I make something for somebody I can say, “Oh yeah, it was this yarn” and order it again, or whatnot. And that way it’s all in one place, and I think doing the swatches and adding that on there would be a good thing as well. So I thought I will add that on. So as far as my favorite gifts to give, I really like giving baby gifts like baby booties and baby blankets. Those are my favorite gifts to give. Because people seem to enjoy them the most; they think that they are just so fun and exciting. So thanks guys. Keep up the good work! Bye…

Jessica: Awesome. And thank you so much to the international listeners out there. We love your comments. So to those of you who’ve sent us messages from the UK and Brazil, they’re great, so keep them coming. And we want to remind you that you can not only send us a note on our blog or email us, but you can also call our comment line and leave us a message there. That number is 206-350-3957. And our email is YarnCraft [at] LionBrand [dot] com and our blog is yarncraft.lionbrand.com, so we can’t wait to hear from you!

Jessica: I have many questions for Zontee and Liz, but my first question to the two of you is what’s on your needles and hooks?

Zontee: Currently I still have that shrug on my needles.

Liz: What percentage would you say you’re done with the shrug?

Zontee: I would say 75%.

Liz: Hey, that’s pretty good.

Zontee: You know if you can find my secret Ravelry account, you probably see that I’ve put 75% on there. So that’s the first thing that is on my needles. My second thing that’s on my needles right now is wrist-warmers for my friend Lisa. Hi Lisa, if you’re listening

Liz: I guess these aren’t surprise wrist-warmers.

Zontee: No, no. She asked for them. They’re in Wool-Ease Chunky, which I like because it works up really quickly and they are cabled because I love cables. In case you haven’t figured that out already.

Liz: Very cool…

Jessica: And Liz?

Liz: Yeah, I wish I could say I was 75% through my brioche sweater. But umm… yeah…

Zontee: Haha…

Liz: That might just be drifting off into another land for another time. And I think I am going to continue with it.

Zontee: Let’s admit it, you have a lot of unfinished items.

Liz: Yeah, and I can’t stop starting more. So I think I’m just going to make it a little longer and call it a “cowl” and be done.

Zontee: That’s good. It’s better than a UFO.

Liz: Exactly. But so as a break from that, for a really simple pattern I’m actually making a pair of socks with a new yarn from Lion Brand that we are considering. So I’m working on that, seeing how it will work, and if we get it it’s going to be really exciting and we’ll tell you more about it.

Zontee: It’s a really, really exciting yarn, and we think you’re going to love it. So look out for that.

Liz: We did a lot of work trying to get the colors right and we think it’s pretty special. So you will be the first to know when we decide if it’s going to be joining the Lion Brand.

Jessica: Tune in next time, people…

Liz: Well a few times from now.

Jessica: And joining Liz and Zontee, we have Jackie Smyth, who has been with Lion Brand for three years as the technical editor of the design department. Jackie, thanks so much for being with us. Can you tell us something about what you do?

Jackie: Because I am a technical editor, I make it possible for consumers to actually create the designs by providing them with a pattern.

Jessica: That’s awesome; do you have any favorite patterns?

Jackie: Whichever one I’m working on at the moment is my very favorite.

Jessica: Great. Any favorite color?

Jackie: Black.

Jessica: Really?

Jackie: Also gray, but black is a challenge to knit because you can’t see your stitches, so I don’t recommend it. But I like to challenge myself.

Jessica: Yeah, I’ve learned the hard way, because I make my stitches too tight, so it’s really been a problem for me. I have to go with lighter colors.

Jackie: Yeah, that helps and it’s good for beginners to use lighter colors.

Jessica: Oh, good! So I’m on the right track. Good to know.

Jessica: Okay, well we’re very fortunate to have you joining Liz and Zontee today because we’re going to get the top 10 gift idea countdown from the three of you, so who wants to start with number ten?

Zontee: I guess I will. Alright, just to profess this, all the patterns that we’re going to mention today are available on our Pattern Finder so you go to our website and click on “Pattern Finder.” You can type in your keywords from these patterns and you can find them. And if you forget any of them, don’t forget that you can go to our podcast blog at Yarncraft.LionBrand.com and actually find the exact pattern that we mentioned today. So starting at number ten, my number ten was scarves because they are a classic beginner gift idea. We recommend the learn-to-cable scarf which is great because it looks more complicated than it actually is and it teaches you a skill. Do you guys have anything to add about that?

Jackie: We made a special effort for the cabling instructions to be very, very easy, even for beginners on the scarf, so don’t be afraid to try it!

Liz: And it’s in Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, so it’s an instant gratification as you learn a new skill, it’s going to knit up really fast. So for those of you who procrastinate, think about Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.

Jackie: And we have new colors on Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.

Liz: Yeah, check out the website for the 3 brand-new colors.

Zontee: Our number 9 item is also out of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and it’s also good for beginners. This time it’s a crochet item, we’re recommending our “Aaron’s Hat Trick,” because it comes in 6 different styles. Again it’s the thick kind of yarn, so it’s easy to make. It crochets up really quickly and it’s made in the round so there’s no seaming involved.

Liz: Also, if you go to the website and you look at the patterns, you will see that there are a lot of different ways to personalize these hats, whether it’s with your color combination or doing some embroidery on top after you’ve done the crocheting. So you could really match a gift with the personality of the person that you’re giving it to. And everyone likes a gift that’s just for them.

Jessica: How have you personalized a gift before?

Liz: Oh… it’s all up to me. How I chose the color or um… I try to pick a motif or an idea that means something to them. I’ll talk about it a little more when we get down our list.

Zontee: Okay, so number 8 on our list of ideas is a purse. Purses are really great; any kind of oversized bag is really great to knit, our item that we recommend is the “Satchel Grande.” It is another Wool-Ease Thick & Quick item. I know we’re a little bit heavy on those Thick & Quick items at the beginning of this list, but don’t worry, we start switching up as we move on. So this bag I personally love. I think it’s really attractive; it’s great as an overnight bag. It’s really oversized. I’m a big bag kind of a girl, so I like to throw all of my stuff, my knitting, my crochet projects, books, all sorts of things in there. So, this is a product that I personally really like.

Jessica: I’m so happy that purses are on the list because that’s actually how I got attracted to the whole knitting world. A friend of mine makes bags that are knitted and whenever I’m going out, I’ll always pull one of them from my closet and people would stop me constantly and ask me if I made it myself and I’d have to save no. But it’s just a fun look and I think that’s really one way that anything that has been knitted has come back into trends other than your sweaters and scarves.

Zontee: Definitely. I personally think that knit bags are a great look. They are a gorgeous accessory.

Jackie: And if you’re nervous about your gauge, you don’t have to worry so much in doing the bags because it doesn’t have to fit anyone.

Zontee: That’s a very good point. Our number 7 category is kids’ sweaters. A lot of times people knit for babies or they knit for adults, but you know sometimes we forget about the kids, and I personally think that getting a sweater as a kid is a great thing. My aunt and my mother both used to make items for me when I was a child, and I loved wearing them to school because when somebody would say, “Oh, that’s a really great item,” you could say, “My mom made this for me.” So that’s pretty exciting. The item that we recommend is the “Hooded Sweater.” It’s made in Vanna’s Choice and it’s made in Autumn Print and so it has this really great variegated look despite the fact that you’re using only one yarn and I think that’s really nice and simple.

Liz: That’s so important for gift-knitting on deadline because that means a lot fewer ends to even and you still get a great, colorful look and that’s great for those of us who don’t like to weave in ends, like me!!

Zontee: I totally agree with that.

Jessica: Do any of you still have the kids’ sweaters that you’re talking about today?

Zontee: I’ll be really honest; I used to chop them up and give them to my stuffed animals after I outgrew them.

Jessica: Oh my goodness….

Zontee: I’m pretty awful like that, but I do have a lot of the newer adult items that I have been gifted with in recent years and they are really beautiful.

Jackie: And I’ll be very honest and say that all I wished for when I was young were store-bought sweaters because all of mine were knit and now I like them knit.

Zontee: Next on our list at number 6 we have stuffed animals. The two animals that we are recommending today are the “Crochet Puppy” and the “Crochet Kitty.”

Liz: We also have a ton of animal patterns on our website and we’ll be adding a lot more in the next couple of weeks so definitely just look for ‘toy’ in the Pattern Finder. You just put that into the search box…

Jackie: And keep checking back…

Liz: And keep checking back. You’re going to find a lot of options. This is a really good way to personalize because a lot of people have a favorite animal. Like I made my friend a pig; I made another friend a bear; you can really personalize.

Zontee: That’s definitely true. Number 5 on our list is socks. Socks are really, really popular right now. I know Liz here is really into making socks.

Liz: Oh yeah. I’ve always got at least one pair on the needles. Jackie loves socks too. We talk about it a lot. Probably too much…

Jackie: We have big conversations every day about socks.

Liz: Don’t you wish you could work here too?

Jessica: What kind of socks and how high do yours go up? Because I am seeing more and more people with knit socks that go up high to their knees. Do you knit them that high?

Liz: Oh…those are brave people with a lot of patience. I like to finish faster.

Jackie: And I like to keep exploring with new socks so you better end-off the ones you’re making to do that.

Liz: Yeah, but I have respect for those people who can keep going all the way up to the knee.

Jackie: Yeah, it’s fabulous.

Zontee: So the pattern that we are recommending for the socks is the men’s striped socks pattern. We’re recommending it because it’s a great item for guys and it’s simple-looking but very sleek and sophisticated. We also have a lot of really great kids patterns.

Liz: Yeah, for Wool-Ease socks. And even though this is a men’s pattern you can pick different Wool-Ease colors and the pattern will work equally well for women. And we have a lot of different Wool-Ease colors, you should check it out.

Jackie: And Wool-Ease is machine-washable so you can wash your socks in the machine. You don’t have to worry about hand-washing.

Liz: What, you don’t like to wash all your family socks in the sink?

Zontee: Haha. So number 4 on our list are baby blankets. I think that a lot of people like to crochet and knit for people who are expecting, so this is a really great gift idea. The pattern that we recommended is the “Bright Baby Blankets.” It’s basically just a giant granny square with different colors kind of interjected throughout and it’s really beautiful and bright and just exciting-looking, but again, it’s a really simple concept.

Liz: It is so simple; you can make it so fast. Our graphic designer found out on Thursday that she has to go to a baby shower that Sunday, and she made this blanket in time to go.

Jackie: It’s her first crochet project as well.

Liz: Oh yeah.

Jackie: You can adjust the size because you are doing different rounds so you can stop when you want to stop, if you need to.

Liz: So you can make one for the car-seat or stroller or a bigger one for, y’know, in the play-pen.

Jessica: So all in all, how long would you say it took her to make the blanket?

Jackie: Hm…some part of the weekend?

Jessica: Oh, that’s not too bad.

Jackie: Yeah.

Zontee: Yeah, I remember her actually bringing it in and it definitely took her only couple of days.

Jackie: That was pretty awesome.

Zontee: Yeah.

Jackie: Yeah.

Zontee: It is amazing. Didn’t she just learn to crochet?

Liz: Yeah, she had knit before but had never crocheted. So we showed her on Wednesday and she came back and she had made this blanket for Sunday.

Jackie: Right.

Zontee: Yeah, it was amazing.

Jessica: That’s awesome.

Liz: But don’t be intimidated if you didn’t learn that fast, it’s not a race.

Jessica: Good to know, good to know, as it takes me…you know, a month and a half to make a blanket.

Zontee: Number 3 on our list, we have bath items. Bath items are always great because washcloths can be really simple; they’re just squares really. And bath mitts are great because it’s kind of a spa-like gift and you can just wrap it up and it’s nice.

Liz: And there are also great ways to try new yarns. Some of these we have like our bunny and kitty mitts and like the bath collection are made of Organic Cotton and just one or two skeins so you can kind of indulge in a very nice yarn and you only need a little bit of it.

Jessica: That was one of the best pieces of advice that Liz gave me when I first started knitting. She said, “Don’t get discouraged if your socks don’t turn out well and don’t promise too many scarves to too many people. Instead, maybe make bath accessories because it’s an easier place to begin.” So thank you very much Liz because that was life-changing advice!

Zontee: Number 2 on our list are prayer shawls because they are wonderful ways to reach out to those in need. It’s almost like giving a tangible hug to a friend, and we have a lot of really beautiful prayer shawl patterns. The one that we have is called the “Comfort Shawl.” It’s made of Homespun and it’s in one of our shades that naturally…

Liz: They are called painterly shades and they are designated with a “P” on the website. And again, it’s like using the Vanna’s Choice prints. You get a very subtle self-striping effect without extra ends to weave in and without having to work with multiple balls of yarn. So again, great for last minute stuff.

Jackie: And Homespun is great for hiding unevenness while you’re stitching. So it’s a good yarn for beginners.

Zontee: So before we get to number 1, let’s just do a quick recap of our 10 items so far.

Jackie: I’m going to give you a drum roll.

Zontee: Ok, so at number 10 we had scarves, and we recommended the “Learn to Cable” scarf.
At number 9 we had hats, and we recommended “Aaron’s Hat Trick.” At number 8 we had purses, and we recommended the “Satchel Grande.”
At 7 we had kids’ sweaters, and we recommended the “Hooded Sweater.”
At number 6 we recommended stuffed animals, and we had a “Crochet Puppy” and a “Crochet Kitty.”
At number 5 we had socks, and we recommended the “Men’s Striped Socks.” At number 4 we had baby blankets, and we recommended our “Bright Baby Blanket.”
At number 3 we said bath accessories, and we did the “Bunny and Kitty Mitts” as well as our “Bath Collection.” At number 2 we did prayer shawls, and we recommended our “Comfort Shawl.” And it’s time for our number 1 gift idea!

Jackie: Of all time.

Zontee: Yes, of all time. We recommend afghans because they are such wonderful home accessories and we have two really great afghan patterns that we are going to be recommending to you. Liz, do you want to talk a little bit about the first one?

Liz: Yeah, we have the crochet “5 1/2 Hour Throw” which, the great thing about afghans is that you can use a couple of different strands of yarn together in different colors and make an afghan really fast. So we have this crochet version in Vanna’s Choice which is beautiful, and we also have several knit versions in homespun and Jiffy if you look under “6-hour Afghan.” And, this is not an exaggeration; I made one of these in 6 hours for a Lion Brand catalogue photo-shoot one time so it can be done.

Jackie: A whole lot of us did!!

Liz: It was a thing we had to do a lot. But it got made and they are beautiful and now we all want them so…

Zontee: I personally really like the idea of making anything fast because I like the instant gratification of having something in your hands made in a weekend. We also want to recommend a second afghan product which is the “Tree Of Life Afghan,” which is this incredible stunning heirloom-quality afghan. It’s going to take you a whole lot more than 6 hours to make but I think that it’s really worth it.

Jackie: If you look at the pattern for this you’ll see that it has a chart which shows you all the designs that are on it, and most of those designs are very organic, trees. So when you work the afghan, remember that the organic design doesn’t have to be perfect and if you’re off a little bit on the branches, that’s okay because trees are too. So just keep going and you can have fun with it so don’t think that you can’t make it even if you don’t have a lot of experience.

Liz: Though unless you knit really fast, you might be making this for a holiday 2008. But that’s okay.

Jackie: Correct, ’cause it does take a little longer.

Liz: ‘Cause it’s so beautiful, it’s going to be an incredible gift for someone really special to you. And we have it shown in our Wool-Ease yarn but you can also use our Lion Wool or Fishermen’s Wool, so you make it in a lot of different looks.

Jessica: Right, right.

Zontee: Actually, it’s really funny. I was telling another person who works here the other day, I am considering making it for my cousin’s wedding cause he’s getting married in June of next year. I don’t know…is that going to be enough time for me to make it?

Liz: You can definitely do it, and I think that the Tree of Life is a really beautiful motif for an afghan.

Jackie: Don’t get scared, we’re upstairs, we can help.

Zontee: I’ll just pawn it off on Jackie when she’s not looking.

Jessica: Maybe by then I can be good enough and fast enough that I can even take some of the work off your hands.

Zontee: You can pitch in whenever you want. No problem.

Jessica: I’ll be happy to do it. I remember when I was in college, my best friend made afghans for her family members because her great grandmother passed away. That was the tradition that she had and it’s such an unbelievable gift. It’s an unbelievable skill that you can pass down from generation to generation. Your friends when they get married, I’m sure they’ll be so excited to get that gift and hopefully they’re not listening right now and we’re not spoiling the surprise.

Zontee: Hopefully.

Jessica: But we do want them to be listening otherwise, right?

Zontee: Yeah, absolutely. Just turn it off right now, Jeff. Turn it off.

Jessica: Well thank you, Jackie, Liz and Zontee. That list was awesome. Zontee and Liz are going to join us a little later on the show. Right now we are going to read you a story called “Knitting Changes Everything” from Tama in Colorado. And if you want to read more stories or you want to submit your story, go to the site LionBrand.com and click on the newsletter stories. We’d love to hear from you and hear your story. This story right now comes from Tama.

Knitting Changes Everything

Fifteen years ago, when I was young and naive, I married a man who was an alcoholic. As the years passed, I watched him battle with himself daily. He was depressed, angry and very hard on himself. I felt sorry for him as he struggled to free himself from the grips of alcohol. Many friends and family offered us all kinds of advice, ranging from “just leave him” to “you should go to Al-Anon meetings.” His own family thought he was a lost cause. I was only married about 9 months when I came across a sock book in a yarn store. We were living in a new city and my young husband was burying himself in alcohol. I had always wanted to knit socks. But my grandma who had taught me to knit and crochet when I was 5 said that it was so hard and she had never been able to turn it out right. So I never bothered perusing them. But the patterns in this sock book were so beautiful and exciting that I couldn’t resist it. I bought the book, needles and yarn with the easiest pattern in the book and rushed home to knit them. I knew immediately who they would be for, my husband. Somehow I knew that the love, concern and care I felt for him would be in every stitch of the socks. It only took a few days for me to finish my first pair of socks for my husband. I can still see the amazed look on his face. The socks were bulky and thick, and he would wear them around the house like slippers. But I had so much fun making them for him, I made 4 more socks of the same pattern, then I branched out into some of the other patterns of the book. I made every pair of socks in the book at least once, and I also found more sock books, I began a sock-knitting frenzy. One hundred pairs of socks in about 4 years. Each time I gave my husband a pair of socks, a scarf, a pair of fingerless gloves, or a sweater I could feel a change in him. He began to be less at odds with himself. He smiled more, he was less angry. He softened and my husband began to accept the fact that he was worthy of being loved. Knitting helped me stay disconnected from his problem without disconnecting me from him. I didn’t become an enabler or get caught up in a rollercoaster that alcoholic lives create. Knitting provided a tangible way for me to say ‘I love you,’ that he could understand and that made all the difference. My husband has been sober for over 9 years now. He wears the best of all my knitted works. He will wear only my hand-knit socks. My husband considers me to be the most amazing, loving, talented woman on earth. He says that I am the knight in shining armor because I saved him from the dragon that had attempted to destroy him for so many years. Knitting changes everything.

Jessica: Wow! Tama, thank you so much for sharing that story with us; that was unbelievably touching, and it just goes to show you that gifts really can change people’s lives.

Liz: Yeah, I don’t know if any of the gifts that I ever made anyone have had quite such a wonderful impact. I was thinking over what I’ve made and you know, a few years ago, before I ever worked at Lion Brand, I went through that Fun Fur phase that a lot of people did and I made my friend a pink boa scarf and pink flip-flops and a pink bag and I just realized, I’ve never seen her wear any of those and never heard her mention any of them. So I might need to put a little bit of thought into my life-changing gifts.

Zontee: Well that’s okay. I haven’t made a lot of Fun Fur scarves, but I have made a lot of scarves for people and last month actually, my dad said to me, “You know, you never make me anything,” and I said to him, “Actually, last Christmas I gave you a very complicated cable scarf that you never wear so thatts kind of a lie that I dontt make you things,” but he had totally forgotten. So, you know, it happens.

Liz: When I made friends scarves and wash-cloths and spa sets, they are always like, “Oh, ehh…ok, thanks,” so then I didn’t make anyone anything for a while and now everyone’s like, “Why don’t you ever knit me anything? I want something knit for this Christmas; you never knit for anyone but yourself.” So sometimes you just can’t win.

Zontee: Yeah, I definitely agree with that.

Jessica: Well if the two of you make me anything, I promise I will wear it, promise I will use it, and purple is my favorite color.

Zontee: Purple is my favorite color too.

Jessica: Awesome…that means we can share some of the things that you have already made. That’s perfect.

Jessica: So as you can tell, Zontee and Liz are back with us again and that’s because, it’s that time of our show where we do our “Stash This” segment ideas for your crafting life. So what suggestions do you have for us today?

Liz: Well, I actually had some book recommendations that can do double-duty. We gave you our top 10 ideas for gifts to make, but if you need some more, you can check out the Lion Brand “Just Gifts” book that was published by Potter Craft. It’s got great ideas to knit and crochet, or the book itself can make a great gift for another crafter in your life. The same thing goes for “Last Minute Knitted Gifts” by Joelle Hoverson and Anna Williams. It’s a gorgeous book so anything you make out of there or the book itself is a great gift. And if you need a little stocking-stuffer for the knitter or crocheter in your life then, this is actually a gift I received from my mother-in-law who knows an alternate crochet. She gave me “The Knitting Answer Book” by Margaret Radcliff and “The Crochet Answer Book” by Edie Eckman. They are cute little books; they’ll fit right into a stocking but they’ve got so much great information. You can read them cover to cover or look up a tip. They are really useful and everyone appreciates them.

Zontee: Personally I think that books are really great gifts because everybody needs resources, and I think that it’s wonderful to get inspired by all of the stuff inside the book and all the products in the photographs. I love great photography so that’s exciting for me. I actually like to package books with yarn. Two of my best friends happen to be knitters; I am very lucky in that sense.

Liz: Oh, they are the lucky ones.

Zontee: Well, there you go, and something that I did for both their birthdays was that I got really beautiful baskets. You can get hand-woven baskets or honestly, I went to my local container store and they had some really beautiful things and I filled it with one kind of yarn and a book with a pattern which I thought would be appropriate in that yarn, and I wrapped the book and I stuck it in there and I put a big bow over the entire thing and I brought it and it looked like the most exciting gift at their parties because when I showed up with a big basket in my arms, everyone was like, “Wow, that’s so beautiful” and it was kind of the envy of the party.

Jessica: I hope they were appropriately grateful.

Zontee: Yeah. They were both very excited and I can’t wait to see what they made with the different kinds of yarns that I gave them.

Jessica: So what are your plans for holiday gifts this year?

Zontee: Honestly, I don’t want to say, just in case certain people are listening because then it’ll ruin the surprise.

Jessica: Okay, fair enough.

Liz: Well, like I said before, I don’t think I am at the appropriate level of gratefulness when I knit presents. But I try to limit myself to 1 or 2 really special things a year. And what I am doing this year is, I am going to make some Harry Potter scarves and hats. I know that the last book is out but I still have some obsessed friends and so I’m going to use some of the Wool-Ease colors to make house scarves for a certain Gryffindor I know.

Jessica: Plus the purple gift that you’re making for me, right?

Liz: Of course.

Zontee: Absolutely, I’m helping.

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